Discovery of Pentaquark at the LHC

One of the unsolved problems in physics is why has there never been measured a free quark or gluon, but only objects that are built out of them, like mesons and baryons. A possible reason for this is that nature only allows neutral (colourless) or white light particles to exist and may also be the reason we do not observe particles that consist of two quarks say, or two anti-quarks.

Recently Pentaquarks were discovered at CERN’s LHC. I believe that they are, either 1) a tightly-bound system of five elementary particles, for example, a four quark and one anti-quark composite arrangement so that the overall colour charge is neutral/colourless (for example, red, green, blue, green + anti-green) or 2) a more weakly-bound pairing of white light mesons and baryons particles, for example, as shown below:

Pentaquark = Baryon [quark1, quark2, quark3]  +  Meson [quark, anti-quark]

=  Baryon [red, green, blue]  +  Meson [red, anti-red] (say)

=  White Light  +  White Light


The Pentaquark can also be pictured as a sequence of five consecutive ‘Colour Trigrams’ of the type shown in Chapter 4 – The Colour Octave of my previous article titled, ‘The Unification Of String Theory and the I-Ching’s Dynamic Binary Structure’ -see below

Furthermore, if we can envisage the Trigram as a pixel (or node) on a 3D grid then each yin (= 0) and yang (= 1) line of the Trigram would denote one sub-pixel from a set of three consecutive sub-pixels, resulting in an arrangement of pixels not unlike those featured in the manufacture of TV screens and computer monitors.

The above was also uploaded to the website (forum) under the moniker “Bot”-tee-licious. See also the thread ‘Checkmate’ where I used the I-Ching to build up a concept of Space and Time.


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